Comfort Keepers Home Care In Painesville, OH

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers' home care in Painesville, OH

Hundreds of people every day discover Comfort Keepers' home care and the exceptional brand of assistance provided by our caregiver. From seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers' home care and choose to become a caregiver themselves. Find out what other seniors who were looking for care, like you are now, have said after discovering Comfort Keepers' home care.

"I am very satisfied with the two caregivers who now take care of my mother. She is treated very well and as if she is their own family member."

Ann B.

"The professionalism and interaction of the caregiver with the client is a critical key. We currently have a caregiver that seems like family to her client. We have a sense of relief as this caregiver is patient, nurturing, efficient and seems to understand Mom's idiosyncrasies. Mom is happy, we're happy, and for this we thank you!"

Betty S.

"The caregivers have always been on time upon arriving, always polite and very helpful at all situations."

Carolyn J.

"Mom does not remember the caregivers, but they always leave detailed notes and we appreciate that very much. We feel Mom is being well cared for."

Carrie N.

"Your organization is very efficient and dependable. We have been very satisfied with the quality of care and we appreciate your willingness to assign J.Z. to us. She is a gem!"

Laurel W.

"I continue to be impressed by the 'above and beyond' work ethic, caring & compassion of many of your caregivers. It is obvious with some that they truly love what they're doing."

Rose M.

"I am very satisfied with my care. Caregivers are very kind and helpful."

Vida R.

"We have been blessed with some very special caregivers, who have been angels in disguise. We (my sister and I) are very grateful for the compassionate kindness my mother receives"

RoseMarie S.

"Kathy is indeed a pleasant and helpful person to have around and she has a good sense of humor"

Gretta P.

"Always pleased with the helpers!"

Elma L.

"All of the Comfort Keepers helpers we have had have been pleasant and caring. Have done what needs to be done. Thank you so much."

Jo K.

"All Comfort Keepers personnel are always prompt in appearance and care of patients. Employees always ask what can they do to make you comfortable, leave promptly when aid is complete and report when they will be back. Well done!"

Robert D.

"I appreciate all you do for Marilyn T"

Mary Joan W.

"Everyone has found Comfort Keepers to be a wonderful experience. Mother enjoys the company greatly!"

Luanne S.

"Kathy is the best caregiver. She tries to make me laugh. I enjoy her company and hope she continues to come here."

Shirley A.

"Dee is just a gem! She is just what I needed in my life. Besides doing the regular chores, she advises me and even cooks for me and so many other things. What would I do without her!"

Janet K.

"I am very happy in my dealings with the office. I am also very happy with my helper. She is very good at dealing with seniors, very intuitive with her responses and very helpful."

Shirley W.

"Dee L. is excellent. I would recommend that she be given a pay raise."

Tom H.

"I haven't met all of your caregivers, but everyone I've met (& even talked to by phone) have been able to come across as very loving people. If you could clone Kathy V. the world would be a wonderful place. God bless all of you."

Mary S.

"Comfort Keepers have been a great help keeping my Mother laughing, crafting, and in general health. Special thanks to Dee & Linda."

Dianna K.
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